With Paytz, you can send, spend and manage your money with just one account.

24/7 fraud detection means we monitor and work around the clock to keep your Paytz Wallet safe and secure.

Say goodbye to your fat wallet because it’s now free to scan and pay instantly using your smartphone.

You’re just a click away to free airtime top up and pay all your bills for yourself or family and friends, i.e. Internet, Electricity.

How to Set Up My Paytz Wallet Account

Create an account in less than 2 minutes, download the App and get going.

Create a Paytz Wallet

Provide your mobile number, create a passcode and fill out your personal information. We’ve made it easier for you by avoiding branch and store visits.

Verify your number

We’ll send you and OTP to verify your mobile number as part of our KYC. This lets us know you’re the rightful owner of the wallet account.

Add Money to your Wallet

Ask, send or visit any of your nearest Wakala or NMB Branch to deposit money into your wallet account.

Discover the benefits of shopping with Paytz

Scan to pay in-store and get done with payments up to 9 times than the old-fashioned USSD function.

Take advantage to shop online directly on the website using your mobile number and other security details for faster check outs.

Manage and track your spending using our instant balance checker and detailed statements, history of your transactions and activities.

Shop at your favourite stores and make online payments with Paytz for Free. Look for the paytz button when you check out.

Unlike other mobile wallets we do not charge you for sending money to friends and family using other networks

Instantly send money to family and friends for splitting the check, gifts, or anything.

Log into your wallet

Using your smartphone, input your security details to enter the Paytz application.

Select your recipient

Send money digitally to family or friends by simply entering their bank account numbers or mobile numbers.

Send money

We’ll notify the recipient when the money has been transferred. It goes right into their Bank account or Paytz Wallet whatever you have opted.

Recharge airtime and pay bills for friends and family from anywhere at any time with Paytz.

Select Airtime Option

With a click of a button, purchase credit or alternatively select the bundle for even more faster transaction experience.

Select Bill

Select hundreds of daily bill payments and recharge from Electricity to Water and Internet. We’ve got you covered and now all under one account.

Transaction and Invoices

Unlike other wallet providers we have enhanced our after sales interest to provide shoppers with invoices for all purchases.

Download the Paytz App

Send money to your friends or family in your mobile contact list easily using our app. The money goes instantly into recipients account, and if they don’t have one, they can open one for free. You can also shop in-store and online at thousands of merchant outlets and keep track of your payments wherever you are.