Paytz, the smarter option for your business

Whether you’re looking for a complete payments solution or want to add Paytz as an extra payment method to your existing website, we have a smart solution that’s right for your business.

Receive payments easily and more securely from customers across the nation.

With a Paytz Business Account you can accept payments however you do business.

In your Store

Accept QR Code Payments from customers with One Tap facility and confirm your transactions by an automated text message or viewing the confirmation screen on the customer’s mobile phone.

On your Website or App

Say goodbye to cash payments on online orders and add Paytz to your website or application within a few hours and start to easily accept secured online payments.


Collect money professionally from your customers wherever you are, simply share your QR Code with your customers or alternatively provide them with your Business Code and do business the professional way.

A transparent fee structure? Now that's refreshing.

In-store and shop payments 1.8%per transaction*Terms & conditions apply

Online payments & checkouts 1.5%per transaction*Terms & conditions apply

Ready to get your business started with Paytz?